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Retirement is an exciting phase of life. But it comes with its own financial challenges and opportunities. Managing your money in retirement is crucial. It ensures you can enjoy the retirement you’ve dreamed of. At Plan4Wealth, we offer a Retirement Investment Management service. This service helps you navigate the complexity of managing your finances in retirement. This gives you peace of mind.

What's Involved in Managing Your Financial Affairs in Retirement?

Managing your financial affairs within retirement goes beyond simply having savings in place. It involves a strategic approach to:

  1. Meeting Retirement Goals: You need to use savings as planned to reach your retirement goals. These goals include traveling, hobbies, and helping family.
  2. Sticking to a Retirement Budget: This means making a plan. You must update it as needed to live within your planned retirement budget. It should include expected expenses and income sources.
  3. Maintain Emergency Funds: Be ready for unexpected expenses. Keep an emergency fund in ‘safe’ investments.
  4. Centrelink Liaison: Keeping your Centrelink records up to date, and claim more entitlements when you can.
  5. Monitoring Investments: Have a plan to check and adjust your investments regularly. Track them in line with your changing appetite for risk over time. 
  6. Investing an Inheritance: If you’ve received an inheritance, you need to make informed choices about how to invest or manage it.
  7. Exploring Downsizing: Consider downsizing your home. It’s a way to free up capital or cut expenses when the time is right.
  8. Accessing Aged Care Services: i.e. exploring financial options and services for the elderly. Access quality care at your timing and choosing, without harming your finances.
  9. Leaving a Legacy: Planning how to leave a meaningful legacy for your heirs or charitable causes.
  10. Estate Planning Considerations: Plan for your assets to be distributed as you wish through comprehensive estate planning.
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Who benefits most from help with retirement investment management?

Everyone can benefit from expert help with financial management. Retirees stand to gain the most from this ongoing support, no matter whether their situation is simple or complex. But certain events in life need extra support. These include the first year after retirement, times of extreme market swings, receiving inheritances, downsizing, and moving into Aged Care. 

Why Choose Plan4Wealth for your
retirement investment management?

At Plan4Wealth, we understand that every individual’s retirement goals are unique.  Here’s why you should choose us:

  1. Mary Benton, a seasoned retirement advisor, has helped many clients toward achieving their goals. She uses a personalised approach and friendly communication style. These lead to tailored solutions that bring you peace of mind.
  2. We offer many retirement services. They range from improving superannuation to maximizing Centrelink payments.  You’ll find everything you need under one roof, so we can take away the pain of working it all out for yourself in a piecemeal approach.
  3. We have a proven track record. We have over 200 satisfied clients and great Google reviews. Our reputation as the best financial planner in Melbourne and Pakenham is well known.

Our Retirement Financial Management Services

Our Retirement Financial management service includes:

Regular reviews of your retirement budget and Retirement Savings.

This ensures they remain enough to fund your dream retirement. This is especially true now as we are living longer and facing extreme market swings and cost of living changes. 

Regular Reviews of your Retirement Investments

To help ensure that your cashflow timing and amount meets your lifestyle.

Emergency Funds

Ensuring you maintain these funds in a risk-free manner while optimising returns.

Centrelink Liaison

Centrelink Liaison and Further Claims

To help you keep your Centrelink records up to date. This is especially important as your circumstances change or you need to report income. They also help you claim any new entitlements.

Downsizing Considerations

Acting as a sounding board for your decisions about “when / where / what / why” you want to downsize. This includes investing any released equity tax-effectively to meet your goals.

Inheritance Management

To assist you in making informed decisions on how to manage and invest any received inheritance. It also covers reviewing any impact on your Centrelink entitlements.

Legacy Planning

Holding difficult conversations around leaving a meaningful legacy for your heirs or charity. This includes how you might structure your estate plan to minimize taxes where possible. It aims to distribute your assets in line with your wishes.

Being a Point of Contact on Adhoc Financial Matters

Assistance with other adhoc financial matters, such as claiming ‘unclaimed monies’ or advising on scams or helping set up mygov (because seriously, could the government have made it any harder?)

Take the First Step in Retirement Investment Management

Following the structured Retirement Investment Management service offered by Plan4Wealth helps give you peace of mind. This lets you enjoy the retirement lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of without the stress of financial uncertainty. 

Take the first step towards a stress-free retirement by contacting us today – BOOK A FREE APPOINTMENT to find out more. 


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