Aged Care Advice

Navigating the complexities of aged care can be overwhelming, with significant costs involved amid a myriad of choices and financial considerations. This is where expert advice becomes invaluable.

A retired woman with Aged Care services in Australia

What is a Aged Care Financial Advice?

Aged Care Financial Advice is a specialized service designed to assist individuals and their families in making informed financial decisions when it comes to aged care, considering not just the aged care fees themselves but the effect of various decisions and investment choices on Centrelink entitlements and estate planning outcomes.

Why is Aged Care Financial Advice Needed?

Aged Care Financial Advice is essential because:

  • Complexity: Aged care decisions involve intricate financial choices that can significantly impact your retirement savings, ongoing cash flow, and estate planning outcomes.
  • Whole family peace of mind: Having a clear financial plan tailored to your aged care needs provides peace of mind for both you and your loved ones.
  • Maximizing Benefits: Proper financial advice can help you make the most of your assets and entitlements while minimizing fees and costs.

Who Benefits Most from Aged Care Financial Advice?

Aged Care Financial Advice is beneficial for:

  • Seniors: Those approaching or in retirement looking to transition into aged care while preserving their financial well-being.  Having a strategic plan ahead of time will help you optimise your choices when you’re ready to move into aged care.
  • Family Members: Loved ones seeking guidance on how to best support aging family members.

Why Choose Plan4wealth for Aged Care Advice?

When it comes to SMSFs, Plan4wealth stands out for several reasons:

  1. Experienced Advisors: Our seasoned advisors, Cathy Lizza and Mary Benton, not only bring years of experience  in all aspects of retirement planning, they also have a deep understanding of the unique challenges associated with aged care.  Both of them have ageing parents and have had to personally overcome one or more of the challenges facing you today.


  2. Holistic Approach: We take a comprehensive approach, considering not only the financial aspects but also the emotional and lifestyle aspects of aged care.


  3. Client-Centric: Your needs and preferences are at the heart of our advice. We craft personalized solutions tailored to your specific situation.

Our Aged Care Financial Advice Services

Our Aged Care Financial Advice services encompass:

Explaining your Aged Care Fees

Understand the aged care system and how all of the financial aspects are linked, explained in a clear and easy to understand manner

Optimizing Centrelink Entitlements ​

Ensure you're receiving the maximum Centrelink and DVA benefits available.

Minimizing Aged Care Fees

Develop strategies in advance to minimize aged care fees and costs.

Managing Cashflow in Aged Care

Effectively manage your finances to maintain the quality of care you desire.

Aged Care Investment Choices

Explore investment options that align with your aged care plan.

Superannuation Contributions

Optimize your super contributions for aged care financial security.

Downsizer Contributions

Leverage downsizer contributions to enhance your aged care situation.

Investing an Inheritance

Ensure your inherited assets are invested wisely and aligned with your retirement goals.

Leaving a Legacy

Plan for the financial legacy you wish to pass on to your loved ones.

Empower Your Aged Care Journey

Ready to make informed decisions about your aged care? Book a free initial appointment with us today or download our comprehensive eBook on Aged Care. Let’s work together to give you peace of mind around your aged care choices.

Learn more about us and our range of financial planning services or contact us here.

Plan4wealth – Your Trusted Aged Care Financial Advisor

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